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What about kurdish women?

Photo by Zeit Magazin - link (Deutsch lernen, bitte!)

I've only learned more about the kurdish women history today which made me feel a little bit behind (it's 2021! Shouldn't I've known about them before?)

Even so, better late than never!

Have you ever heard of such women? Have you ever heard them speak?

I liked it

Machine guns, bombs, a desert full of violence still scares me but their words have somehow soothed me (?)

or should I say, their words helped me to wake up and go on with my day with more determination than before. Now I can go on and do whatever I need to do.

Good morning is out of style, as Nega Lilu says:

Courage, mon amour!

(ah! Et la vidéo est doublé en français, ça n'est pas parfait parce qu'on veut écouter la langue et les voix de ces femmes, mais aussi intéressant si on veut enseigner le français avec une perspective féministe! :-)


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