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Boca a Boca intermediate/advanced

Boca a Boca intermediate/advanced is an English language course for girls and women who have previous knowledge of the language. The course seeks to increase the confidence and comfort of these women with the use of English. 

The narrative thread of the meetings seeks to bring reflections on concepts and perceptions about time, our current use of the internet, and linguistic and textual strategies to broaden our perspectives.


Part 1

It's about time

In this first part, we introduce ourselves, understand our personal motivations for learning, reflect on our textual practices, internet use and habits. We outline some strategies on how to improve our internet use.

Part 2

Time Travelling

In this second part, we play with the concept of time travel, ways to "travel in time" through languages. We also give special attention to playing with letter writing, reflecting on online writing and its multimodal possibilities.

This Infinite Paradox.jpeg
the doors of perception 1.jpeg

Part 3

Patchworking the internet

In the last part of the course, we explore the collective creation of multimodal projects parting from our reflections throughout the learning process. We continue learning as we seek continuity of creative stimuli and reach the final moments. It is also time to celebrate :-)

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