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Boca a Boca
for beginners

Boca a Boca Beginner is a four-part introductory course to the English language. Created to allow critical exchanges with its students, the teaching is geared to stimulate self-reflection on their own learning, as well as to ensure that the knowledge acquired at each meeting can strengthen the journeys of each one.

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Part 1

Who am I?

In this first part, we learn to introduce ourselves while reflecting on the geopolitical context of English language use and also on our personal relationships with it. 


Here, we define our motivations, strategize to decolonize our learning, and understand ourselves as a group.

Part 2

Where am I?

In the second part we learn to talk about our surroundings. We share about our social contexts and begin to build our vocabulary for feminism.

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Part 3

What do I do?

In part three we gain vocabulary about our actions and activism. We look at overviews of the Feminist Philanthropic Ecosystem and learn about some of the terminology of the transformative justice scene in general.

Part 4

challenges, desires and future

In the last part we share about visions for the future and deepen some conversations about self-sustainability of groups active in the current scenario of feminist social justice.


We also celebrate our journey and contemplate our learning processes.

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