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simply include

" they discussed the best gender-neutral alternatives such as ae, e, ey, per, they, and testes each word to see if the words tripped off the tongue or tripped over it, ditto with the alternatives to his and hers: hirs, aers, eirs, pers, theirs and xyrs

Megan decided to try out they and theirs, what matters most to me, is that I know how I feel, and the rest of the world might catch up one day, even if it'll be a quiet revolution over longer than my lifetime, if it happens at all

you're right Megan, Bibi replied, in the meantime, don't get antsy with people when they screw up your preferred pronouns, even when they want to remember, people will get it repeatedly wrong, they have to rewire their brains to adjust and that's not easy, it takes time

Megan laughed, look who's talking

they held hands

where they felt most safe doing it

in the middle of nowhere."

(p. 328 "Girl, Woman, Other", Bernardine Evaristo)


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